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2023 (expected) TEFL/TESL, International Open Academy, Dublin, Ireland

2023 (expected) Professional Photography Course, New York Institute of Photography, NY, USA
2002 Health Care, MOA, Vancouver Career College, Burnaby, BC, Canada
1994 Economic and Administration High School, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

2017 Honorable Mention, International Photographer of the Year 2017
2016 Honorable Mention, Lumiere Awards, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
2015 Certificate of Accomplishment - Honorable Mention, MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards in                                 Editorial Conflict Category and Landscape Category, Moscow, Russia
2015 Special Recognition Award Certificate, Light, Space & Time Online Gallery, Jupiter, FL, USA
2014 Certificate of Accomplishment - Honorable Mention, MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards in                     Nature Category and Fine art-Landscape Category, Moscow, Russia
2013 Certificate of Excellence 2013, Blue Diamond Photo Award, Croatia

2018 International exhibition of art photography CONTRAST 2018, Photo Club Infinity, Doboj, Bosnia and             Herzegovina              
2016 122nd Toronto International Salon of Photography, Toronto, ON, Canada
2015 The Fifth Annual Exposure Award at the Louvre Museum-my artwork presented and digitally                         displayed in Black and White Collection, Paris, France
2015 International Women's Exhibit, Virtual Exhibits, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2015 "All Women" 2015 Art Exhibition, Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Jupiter, FL, USA
2014 International Women's Exhibit, Virtual Exhibits, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2014 International Photographic Exhibition 'Lines'2014, Gezira Art Center, Cairo, Egypt
2014 International Exhibition of Art Photography "Artfoto 2014", Art Gallery of the Cultural Center, Bijeljina,             Bosnia and Herzegovina
2013 Exhibited in a group exhibition in the Center of Culture, Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2013 "Creative Rising" Show; my artwork was digitally displayed at the See.Me Exhibition Space - Long                  Island City, NY, USA; and was projected onto a massive skyscraper on Times Square in New York                City, USA
2013 International Digital Exhibition "The Story of the Creative", Long Island City, New York, USA
2013 1st International Salon of Photography "Art Photo 2013" at the Art Gallery of city Bijeljina,                               Bosnia and Herzegovina
2013 2nd International exhibition of art photography "Streets 2013" in Photo Salon Kumanovo, Macedonia
2013 International Salon of digital photography "Natura Naturans 2013", 'Center for photo and film
         culture of Serbs', Belgrade, Serbia
2013 International Women's Exhibit, virtual exhibits, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2012 International exhibition of photography "Beauty of face &body 2012", 'Center for photo and film                     culture of Serbs', Belgrade, Serbia
2012 2nd Salon of International digital photography "Belgrade Photo Autumn 2012", 'Center for photo and
         film culture of Serbs', Belgrade, Serbia

2019 Camerapixo Photography Magazines HOT SHOTS 38 - We Inspire; Editors' Choice Award, page 28-           36, Wroclaw, Poland
2018 (on hold) Photo Art Book 'Trees of the Planet'; Editor: Nicolas Weiß; Freiburg, Germany (
2017 Fine art photography book 'Emotional Memories' by Anita Kovacevic. Self-publication by Blurb, San               Francisco, USA
2017 Fabrik Magazine - Contemporary Art & Design // Issue 36 on June 19, 2017; Beverly Hills, CA, USA.             Published in Special Feature Photography Awards - The Lumiere Awards on page 84, 86 and 91. :               Editor: Megan Abrahams. Printed in Los Angeles. 
2017 Awarded Art International book, Vol.4, June 2017, page 57, by publisher Diana Neubauer from                       Berka/Werra, Germany. :: ISBN: 9783744839990
2016 Aesthetica Magazine - Issue 73 - October/November 2016 edition; page 154. Listed in Aesthetica                 Directory - Artists' Profiles, York, UK
2015 Con/corso Buenos Aires 2015 catalogue 7th edition by Associazione Open Art, Milano, Italy
2015 The Exposure Award Black and White Collection Book, page 9, NY City, USA
2014 State of the Art - Artist's Book Vol. II, page 16; publisher Galeria Aberta, Carcavelos, Portugal2014                'Hidden Tresure Art Magazine' Yearbook 2014 Volume II, page 163; publisher HT Art Magazine      ,              London, UK
2013 Condign Art Magazine, Issue #3-November 2013 by Global Art Agency, page 23, London, UK
2013 Art book "Important World Artists Vol.1" - A World of Art in 2013, publisher World Wide Art Books Inc.,           p.158, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
2013 Art book "International Contemporary Artists", Featured Artist in Vol. VI, p363, Athens, Greece/NY,                 USA
2013 Fine art photography book '''Who's Who in Visaul Art'- 75 Fine Art Photographers" by editor/publisher           Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, Leipzig, Germany2012 Art book "International Contemporary Artists",                   featured artist in Vol. IV, p320 by I.C.A. Publishing, Athens, Greece/NY, USA
2012 Art & Poetry Journal 'Harvests of New Millenium' Vol.5, publisher, India
2010 Art & Poetry Journal 'Harvests of New Millenium' Vol.3, publisher Cyberwit,net, India
2010 Published in Calendar by Artwanted, Utah, USA
2009 Art &C Poetry Journal 'Harvests of New Millenium' Vol.2, publisher, India
2009 Published in Calendar by Artwanted, Utah, USA
2008 Art & Poetry Journal 'Harvests of New Millenium' Vol.1, p23,24, 247, publisher, India
2008 Featured on website, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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